Marie has always sung, and drawn and written and acted.

She was part of the children choir of the Orchestre du Capitole, in Toulouse, her hometown.

She loved Michel Plasson, the conductor of this orchestra, when she was a little girl.

She has acted, in class and on stage, a lot.

She has written in her diary since she was seven.

She became an English teacher.

She enjoyed this career very very much.

She had a heart disease, so she took a little break.

She traveled the world.

She sang Jazz in New York City, Paris, Montreal and Washington D.C.

She played in short movies in Paris and NYC.

She sang children songs in French, on a record, in Washington D.C.

She came back to Paris.

She enjoyed working with Baptiste de Chabaneix.

She wrote a beautiful album with him. It will be released September 1st 2018.

She was acting at the same time.

She was drawing at the same time.

She decided to leave Paris and live away from big cities. To watch seasons go by.

She went back to teaching.

She is still curious, she travels, she still has a lot of projects.